Alessi Corkscrew - Shelter Home

Anna G. Corkscrew

The Anna G. Corkscrew from Alessi is fun modern design.

Anna G & Alessandro M Corkscrew - Shelter HomeBy creating a corkscrew in the shape of a woman, designer Alessandro Mendini has brought whimsy to kitchenware. Allegedly based on his girlfriend Anna Gili, Anna G. stands tall, smiling in her colorful dress, a functioning corkscrew. Her arms raise as you twist her head, turning the screw into the cork. Push her arms down, she releases the cork from the bottle.

First introduced in 1994 iconic Anna G. has developed a following of fans and spurred a family of Alessi products from Anna G. bottle stoppers, timers and canisters to her companion (the somewhat shorter) corkscrew Alessandro M. based on the designer Mendini himself.

After almost 20 years, the Anna G. corkscrew is still popular, comes in a variety of colors as well as chrome-plated. Alessi proves that the design tenant that Form Follows Function does not need to be boring. And boring is not Shelter Home.

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