AP Boardwalk Holiday WishBook - Shelter Home

Asbury Park Holiday WishBook

The Asbury Park Boardwalk's Holiday Wishbook featured a few of Shelter Home's fun products on their site, showcasing some of the great items that can be found in the Shelter Home Funhouse location in the Grand Arcade on the Asbury Park Boardwalk.
Asbury Park Arts Block - Shelter Home

Cookman Avenue Arts Block

The TriCity refers to it as the Cookman Avenue "Arts Block" because of its eclectic mix of stores, store owners and architecture.
You Don't Know Jersey - Shop Local NJ! - Asbury Park

Shop Local NJ!

As soon as we walked in we knew this would be a cool store. Modern and fun, everywhere we looked we saw awesome stuff. Their whole store was actually filled with gifts that would have been perfect for us. I want the whole store in my house, now.
HGTV Design Star - Shelter Home

Shelter Home on HGTV's Design Star

Shelter Home was thrilled to be featured on an episode of HGTV's Design Star. In this episode the designers head to the Jersey Shore to make over a bed and breakfast, but the challenge is no vacation for some hopefuls.
Inside Jersey - Shelter Home AP

Inside Jersey - Living Gay in the Garden State

Asbury works, too, for longtime partners and New York transplants Scott Hamm and Gene Mignola. They arrived about three years ago, opening Shelter Home, a retail boutique and fabric printing operation on Cookman Avenue, with a satellite store on the boardwalk.
Budget Travel - Shelter Home

Reclaiming the Jersey Shore - Budget Travel

Everyone loves to poke fun at the Jersey coast, but the fact is, the joke's on them. Brian Hiatt explores three legendary—and recently spruced-up—shore towns that still promise the classic American summer.
APP Gay Community - Shelter Home

Asbury Park Gay Community

"It became more than being part of a gay community. It became more like being part of a community,'' Hamm said. "You meet everybody on your street. You sort of know everybody, and within a week, I knew everyone on the street. Hello. Good morning.''
Inspired Goodness - Shelter Home, AP

Inspired Goodness - Weekend in Asbury Park

Today, Dave and Matthew took me for a tour of Cookman Avenue. Considered the main shopping street of Asbury Park, we ventured inside Shelter Home - for you design addicts out there, its a wonderful destination for housewarming, holiday or birthday gifts.
Shelter Home - The Coaster - 6/11/09

The Coaster - 6/11/09

“Everything in Shelter Home, including the pillows just has an amazing style and energy,” stated Lois White of Ocean Grove. “It’s wonderful that many items are recycled and fair trade. The store gives flare with a heart and soul – substance and style.”
King of Cookman - Shelter Home

The King of Cookman

Gene Mignola and Scott Hamm (the owners of Shelter Home) have a great eye. There's a sense of really interesting design. Whether you have a modern home or a Victorian, there's something there you can find. And they priced it to stay within anyone's budget," he said.