To put it simply, these are a few of our favorite things. We’ve featured products that are representative of each line we carry. Some things will make you smile, others are design classics. But both the smiles and the “oh yeah, I love that” are part of Shelter Home. A little ying with our yang.

Alessi – Kettle

Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel with handle and bird whistle in PA. This celebrated kettle with the bird that sings when the water has boiled has been a great success since it was introduced in 1985.

Areaware - Reality Bank in Form of Pig

Areaware – Reality Bank in Form of Pig

Bank in the form of a pig is part of the ‘Reality’ series by award winning interior and industrial designer, Harry Allen. ‘Reality’ consists of objects whose forms are ‘sampled’ from existing sources. The bank is cast from a pig that died of natural causes. The bank holds up to $10,000 in dollar bills. Available in many color options.

Stray Dog – Bird

Create a flap with this adorable bird perched on a table, marching across the mantel, standing guard on the bookshelf, or observing the activity from atop the refrigerator. Available in white or in any of our luscious colors — all in low VOC paints.