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Inspired Goodness – Weekend in Asbury Park

By Kimberly Canale | Inspired Goodness

Shelter Home Storefront - Kimberly CanaleThe following is an excerpt from the Inspired Goodness blog

The weekend the weather was gorgeous and I had a totally fantastic time visiting our friend, Dave in his little hamlet of a town, Asbury Park, New Jersey. For the past few months, Dave and his partner, Matthew have been trying to convince me to make a visit out to Asbury. The summer went by without us getting a moment to fit it in – so with John far away on a trip for work, I took the chance and drove down on Saturday…

Today, Dave and Matthew took me for a tour of Cookman Avenue. Considered the main shopping street of Asbury Park, we ventured inside Shelter Home – for you design addicts out there, its a wonderful destination for housewarming, holiday or birthday gifts.

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