We hope to share our love and passion for the new and modern, the beautifully designed, the funny and even the sumptuous and somehow through this joy and appreciation live beautiful, happier lives.

Gene had been searching for a new location for his fabric printing business not far from the City. We had considered several towns but had a yearning to be close to the ocean, family and friends. We immediately fell in love with the old Howard L. Borden building which we had visited in a previous incarnation as an art gallery. As the laws of Asbury Park would have it, we could not open light industrial on Cookman Avenue without retail. Thus the by-laws of a city and the subconscious know better than you or I, our private daydream to open a store of things we love was born.

We had taken a road trip from New York City to visit our friends Mike and Mark and see the progress on the renovations of their home, as well as pop into our favorite mid-century store House of Modern Living. The spark for Shelter Home ignited that mild October afternoon sitting outside Asbury Park’s local coffee house America’s Cup just one block east of our future home. We ate our lunch of pressed sandwiches at a table outside, enjoying the sun, each other, and the company of our two dogs. Then out it came, the subconscious working its wonders, “I could live here now.”

For years I had saved magazine and newspaper clippings of objects and ideas of inspiration not knowing how or when they would be of use. Thus, like the spark that ignited our lives that afternoon on Cookman Avenue, our vision became clearer as we explained our dreams to friends, and found a kindred spirit in our designer Keith Johnson who helped actualize and mold the physical store that became Shelter Home.