HGTV Design Star - Shelter Home

Shelter Home on HGTV’s Design Star

Shelter Home was thrilled to be featured on an episode of HGTV’s Design Star. In this episode the designers head to the Jersey Shore to make over a bed and breakfast, but the challenge is no vacation for some hopefuls.

Watch a clip featuring Shelter Home!

“In six years of being on this panel, your room is the most impressive room we’ve ever been in,” says Vern.

Karl, Mark and Meg shopped at Shelter Home. The team that would go on to win the challenge (Meg Caswell would go on to win Season 6 of Design Star).

Pictures from the Show!

Check out these stills taken from HGTV’s Design Star (Season 6 Episode 4) featuring a challenge on the Jersey Shore with a spotlight on Shelter Home and some of our goods which helped the design team win their challenge!