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The King of Cookman

TriCity News 1.22.09

The following is an excerpt from the King of Cookman article

Obviously, Meisch understands that retail these days is about giving the customer an experience – and they definitely get a unique one walking into his place. The King says others are coming to the downtown with the same philosophy.

He praises Shelter Home that opened this summer a couple doors down which features housewares, gifts and some furniture. To the King, Shelter Home and his House of Modern Living are great examples of a positive symbiotic relationship between retailers.

“That was exciting to me,” Meisch said of Shelter Home opening, “They were really willing to take a chance and do something. It’s very, very cutting edge style. Like right up to the minute style, and it’s with everything they have. Gene Mignola and Scott Hamm (the owners of Shelter Home) have a great eye. There’s a sense of really interesting design. Whether you have a modern home or a Victorian, there’s something there you can find. And they priced it to stay within anyone’s budget,” he said.

“My clients love their store. People who I’ve been dealing with for years have been happy to see them. They’re nice guys and they get involved in the community.”

King of Cookman - TriCity 1/22/09

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Billy Meisch (from the House of Modern Living) speaks about Shelter Home in the second page of the pdf. (Yes, there are two pages!)